#JarvisNewsApp: Help guide for iOS devices

Jarvis – News Aggregator powered by Artificial Intelligence

What’s new in the #JavisNewsApp?

  • News Reader – AI generated short summaries for all news feeds (up to 3 days)
  • News Navigation – Swipe, scroll and click to find the news that’s interesting to you
  • News Share – Share stories with friends and family on social media
  • News Personalisation – Select the country for your news feeds, pick the categories that interest you
  • News Sentiment – Thumb up or thumb down on articles to show your appreciation
  • News Trending – Top 5 most popular news in last hour

What versions of iOS is the app available for?

  • iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Where is the settings menu?

  • Top left of the screen – countries, categories, about us, push notifications, feedback
  • Top right of the screen – bookmarks

How can i select a different country?

  • Jarvis currently offers news coverage from 4 countries, i.e. UK, USA, Australia and India. It uses device’s GPS location to identify the country at first launch.  By default it picks UK if auto selection is not chosen.
  • Tap top left burger menu on screen, in the drop down menu, tap on “Countries” and pick new location source.
  • Tap top left burger menu again to return to menu bar, tap on “Home” once and it auto updates to a new country.

How can i select some of the news categories?

  • Jarvis currently offers news coverage on 7 categories, namely local, World, Technology, Entertainment, Sports, Business and Bizarre by default.
  • Tap top left burger menu on screen, in the drop down menu, tap on “Categories” and randomly select minimum of 3.
  • Tap top left burger menu again to return to the menu bar, tap on “Home” once and it auto updates categories under that country.
  • Bear in mind all news categories for each country will be stored locally by the app, so next time when it launches it will only open selected ones.

How do I refresh the content in the app?

  • Pull down on the main content area under each new category. Once the app is launched and in use, it will auto refresh.

How do I share a story?

  • The app uses Apple AirDrop feature, so you can tap on a news headline, click on the share button underneath the news summary. Then share via Message, Twitter, Facebook, Mail, etc.
  • You may be asked to configure a Facebook, Twitter or email account if your chosen sharing method has not already been set up on the device.
  • Most of the news in the app has rich sharing feature, which means you will send not only the text but an associated image as well.

How can I use the app when not connected to the internet (mobile carrier or wifi)?

  • By default the app will automatically save stories on your device for reading when you don’t have a network connection.
  • You may find some images are missing when the app is used offline.

How can i make use of the bookmark function of the app?

  • Once the story is bookmarked, it will be cached locally on the device and it can extend to over 3 days, under the “Saved Article” section.
  • Bookmarks can be removed using “Edit” button or left swipe & remove.

What are the push notifications?

  • These notifications enable you to be alerted to the latest news stories as they happen.
  • It pops up on your screen similar to a text message when it’s received, regardless of whether or not the app is open at the time.
  • Tapping the notification will load the news stories in that category.
  • When the app is launched for the first time you can choose whether or not to give permissions to send you push notifications.
  • This can be turned on/off from the menu bar.
  • Push notifications will be sent every 4-5 hours.

How do i send feedback about the app?

  • Within the app it allows comment/suggestion/question to be sent to us via the email. Our email
  • You can also send us feedback via Twitter (@JarvisNewsApp) or Facebook (
FacebookTwitterLinkedInSina WeiboLineEmail

It’s simple, it’s quick, it’s interactive. Have you thumbed today?